My first blog....

Welcome to our new site and my first blog ever...

I want to write about my mom and how she is so talented. I love MOON her paintings and the way she combines colours! Unfortunately I didn't inherit her gift... My two year old son does a better job at drawing than I do....

In my shop we sell many of these great paintings. Different sizes and styles available. We think it is such a great combination Interior & Art!

I happen to love sending postcards, the idea that somebody actually makes an effort writing you a message is quite rare these days due to technology but still oh so nice. My mom is the best and most caring person in writing postcards, For her children and good friends she makes littles paintings with profound messages or sweet words.

So a little while ago we created 5 very nice postcards of MOON ART, small artworks with a personal message! Quite nice if I may say so!

Please have a look at these wonderful and colorful pieces of art or come visit our shop in Amsterdam?

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