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Interior Design

We can manage your project through design, construction and interior design.  


Whether it’s a commercial environment or a personal residence, we believe each room, space or building has a story to share with those who use it. We bring that story into our designs to honor the space with the design it deserves.

De CAMER believes that everyone needs to be inspired by the spaces they spend time in. We’'ve been creating original spaces that are interesting, comfortable and personal. Our expertise lies in our flexibility, attention to detail and our limitless resourcefulness.


We love to blend detailed impulses of heritage and tradition. A modern twist combined with granny's old lamp. Authenticity is key.

Refurbishment or a new lay out? We work closely with architects and trustworthy construction firms to deliver projects on time and on budget. We work with (inter)national craftsman to create bespoke solutions.

Our services include:

Color &   Material Plan
Design and Furniture Selection
Interior Decoration
Computerized Design, Drawing &   Rendering

Spatial Planning
Lighting Design

We understand every project is unique and has its own approach. Budget, timeline and off course the clients needs are very important to discuss first. 

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