We at De CAMER believe that companies and/or entrepreneurs with a similar clientele or target group can successfully enhance each other’s efforts. It is therefore our pleasure to rent out our unique city-garden,

with this cute wooden garden shed, to all like-minded parties.


For what occasion?


  • Anything is possible! Step by and tell us about your ideas.

What days / hours?

  • Same thing. Whatever you want (between 8am and 8pm)


Basis price list (ex. VAT)


Price per day (10 AM – 6 PM)      € 99,-

Extra hour                                        € 65,-

5 x                                                       € 475,-

10 x                                                     € 850,-


What is included?


The shed is about 11 m2 and is equipped with various electricity points, carpet, desk, light and wifi.

The surrounding garden is included in the price. Please note that the garden is only open until 8pm (as we want to stay friends with our neighbors).