In 2011 Merel le Conge Kleyn started De CAMER with a purpose to break free from chain store offerings by sourcing unique, authentic and quirky pieces bursting with individuality. Her passion has grown into a fully-fledged business.


To this day, we continue to treasure hunt across the world in search of unique, glamorous, eclectic, witty and rock ‘n’ roll home accessories, furniture, lighting, and art that you cannot find elsewhere.


Over the past years De CAMER has focused on both residential and commercial interior decorating projects. We hope to inspire you with authenticity, color and a blend of different styles. De CAMER strives to customize every project with unique treasures, oddities, and curiosities.


Whether it’s a commercial environment or a personal residence, we believe each room, space or building has a story to share with those who use it. We bring that story into our designs to honor the space with the design it deserves.

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